We convert and reformat structured legacy documents from any application to FrameMaker. The final document will be ready for printing and online delivery. By offering a variety of conversion services, we can create a strategy that works for you by accommodating a wide range of schedules and any mixture of conversion services.

How We Do It

We convert your existing word-processing (Interleaf, Word, Ventura, and other formats) files to FrameMaker by:

  • Creating templates with standardized tag sets, autonumbering schemes, cross-references, variables, and hyperlinks
  • Creating book files (including automatically generated TOCs and Indexes)
  • Providing technical support for your staff to familiarize them with new FrameMaker templates
  • Converting your FrameMaker documents to Adobe Acrobat PDF files
  • Converting your FrameMaker documents to HTML files

Reasons to Choose Beyond Print

  • Our Adobe Certified FrameMaker Experts will complete the work on time, on schedule, and at the price we guarenteed.
  • We have worked on both large and small conversion projects, with documents varying in complexity and length, for clients in a variety of industries.
  • We stress comunication! At Beyond Print we work with our clients, explaining all of the options to best fit the way your company works.
  • We provide an integrated solution including custom templates (built to your specifications), training (including custom training modules developed specifically for your templates and work environment), and conversion to FrameMaker, Acrobat, and HTML.

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