There is a love/hate relationship between Microsoft Word and Adobe FrameMaker and users often debate the age old question of which software product is better. We understand that both software programs have a niche and have unique capabilities. Whatever your reason for converting your Word files to FrameMaker, you must be aware that there are many pitfalls and quirks in converting existing Word Documents into FrameMaker files. This process can seem overwhelming, frustrating and can be especially demanding if you have a large number of legacy documents and are under to a tight deadline to get them converted.

We specialize in legacy document conversion, particularly Microsoft Word to FrameMaker Conversion. Through our experience we have developed an internal system that speeds the conversion process, creates more robust FrameMaker documents, and eliminates the headaches that abound in many conversion projects. Here are a few ways Beyond Print can help relieve the stress and work load of your conversion task.

  • Help plan your conversion needs and timeline’s
  • Convert your existing files for you
  • Create your FrameMaker templates for easier conversion
  • Create custom Automated Scripts that will assist in and speed up the conversion process

Please contact us for a custom quote. We are here to answer any questions you have during your Microsoft Word to FrameMaker conversion. Whether you are just beginning or already well into the project call us and we can help you get the job done on time and done right. We look forward to teaming with you on your Microsoft Word to FrameMaker conversion needs.


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