FrameMaker Adobe Certified Training ProviderBeyond Print offers dynamic on-site custom FrameMaker training. By providing your staff with customized on-site training, your staff will be able to use FrameMaker more efficiently and effectively. We can either review your existing templates and offer suggestions or develop custom templates that will streamline your writing and publishing process.

We offer quality training, provide tips on how to use FrameMaker better, point out work-arounds, and emphasize using the tool the way it was designed to be used. Our years of hands-on experience combined with solid instructional techniques ensure a memorable training experience.Check out what our clients are saying.

We have two standard courses for you to choose from. We offer a beginning FrameMaker training course, and an Advanced FrameMaker Training course. We also can custom design a course for your needs.

In addition to the topics listed below, we can further customize a course to suit your needs, or provide FrameMaker-related services such astemplate designdocument conversiontroubleshooting, and one-on-one training that focuses on your templates and your projects.

Our FrameMaker training workshops are built around the following topics:

Beginning FrameMaker Course

  • Edit and format text
  • Apply paragraph and character formats
  • Modify paragraph and character formats
  • Create paragraph and character formats
  • Search for and replace/change text and formats
  • Use the spelling checker, multiple dictionaries, and the thesaurus
  • Use autonumbering (basic and complex formats)
  • Apply side heads, run-in heads, and straddles
  • Create and edit graphics using the drawing tools
  • Use anchored frames
  • Use FrameMaker templates and clip art
  • Insert and format tables
  • Insert and format footnotes in text and tables
  • Work with master and reference pages
  • Use the document utilities
  • Create a custom document

Advanced FrameMaker Course

  • Create multiple text flows, multiple columns, and connecting columns
  • Create and edit user-defined and system variables
  • Insert and update text insets
  • Create documents with conditional text
  • Generate hypertext
  • Create a book with multiple files
  • Format book files and import formats within a book
  • Create generated files: Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, and List of References
  • Create, generate, and format an index
  • Publish documents for the Web
  • Insert and format cross-references
  • Troubleshoot documentation problems
  • Design basic documents
  • Work with color
  • Create chapter templates
  • Generate PDF documents

Beyond Print uses the course material that was developed by Adobe, in addition to our own exercises, checklists, and other materials we developed based on our working experience with FrameMaker.

Please contact us for a custom FrameMaker Training quote or call us at (240) 401-6876.


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