These topics are designed for FrameMaker users who have been using the tool and are ready to create and maintain templates for complex documents. Other topics include some helpful troubleshooting techniques, tips for designing a document, and pointers for implementing as many of FrameMaker’s automated features as possible.


Participants will have the experience to complete all tasks included under the basic topics. To be fair to other participants and to keep the course on schedule, it is important that users are familiar with the material covered with the basic topics.

Advanced Topics

These topics are designed to provide users with the skills to perform the following tasks:

  • Create multiple text flows, multiple columns, and connecting columns
  • Create and edit user-defined and system variables
  • Insert and update text insets
  • Create documents with conditional text
  • Generate hypertext
  • Create a book with multiple files
  • Format book files and import formats within a book
  • Create generated files: Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, and List of References
  • Create, generate, and format an index
  • Publish documents for the Web
  • Insert and format cross-references
  • Troubleshoot documentation problems
  • Design basic documents
  • Work with color
  • Create chapter templates
  • Generate PDF documents

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