These topics are designed for FrameMaker users who will do most of their work using templates that have been designed by someone else or will use the templates included with the application. The users will be taught how to use FrameMaker and make minor adjustments to the formats set up in the template.


Participants should be experienced with the platform (Mac, Windows, UNIX) that they will be using. Users should be capable of navigating within the system, opening and closing files, creating directories, finding and opening applications, and using the mouse. It is also recommended that users have some knowledge of basic documentation standards.

Basic Topics

The basic topics are designed to provide participants with the skills to perform the following:

  • Edit and format text
  • Apply paragraph and character formats
  • Modify paragraph and character formats
  • Create paragraph and character formats
  • Search for and replace/change text and formats
  • Use the spelling checker, multiple dictionaries, and the thesaurus
  • Use autonumbering (basic and complex formats)
  • Apply side heads, run-in heads, and straddles
  • Create and edit graphics using the drawing tools
  • Use anchored frames
  • Use FrameMaker templates and clip art
  • Insert and format tables
  • Insert and format footnotes in text and tables
  • Work with master and reference pages
  • Use the document utilities
  • Create a custom document

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